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PhotoAdvent 2011

01 December 2011 » In Photography » No Comments

Once again, KaraMarie, and Terry are running the Photo Advent project this year: 25 days, 25 photos from various photographers. They’ve been kind enough to ask me to contribute, and I didn’t have to think long about which photo I wanted to submit: the view Hong Kong from Victoria Peak that I took in 2007 and that remains one of the few I’m most proud of. Apparently, it was selected to be the kick-off photo for PhotoAdvent 2011.

Photo Advent is here

12 December 2010 » In Photography » 1 Comment

My friends Kara, Marie, and Terry started a new project called Photo Advent this year based on a very simple idea: 25 days, 25 photos. In the spirit of Christmas, they’ve asked 25 photographers to each select a photo or two and share it with you. Well, they were kind enough to ask me as well, so I contributed one on stepping off the beaten path when taking your photos. Hope you like it.

New Year, New Photos

05 January 2008 » In Photography » 3 Comments

I’ve just uploaded some photos taken over the New Year’s eve period. One album is from a pre-party at my friends’ place, and the other from the awesome Sea of Dreams event at the SF Concourse center. I had a lot of fun shooting both events, and a lot of it was due to my new camera acquisition – Nikon D3 – with its absolutely amazing performance in low-light situations.
I’ll have more to say on D3 in another post, but for now, check out the photos. A selection of Sea of Dreams ones can also be seen on Flickr, or even better – on Flickriver.

Vu layout problem fixed

12 August 2007 » In Photography » No Comments

I tested Vu photoblog under IE 5+ on Windows today and noticed that it had a layout problem with the content area being really wide. Somehow it didn’t like absolutely positioned full-width and height element. My CSS-mojo wasn’t up to dealing with it today, so I cheated. Hey, don’t tell me you never cheated on CSS layout. Anyway, photoblog is back to normal.

Vu Launch

09 August 2007 » In Photography » 5 Comments

I’ve been kicking around the idea for a daily photoblog site, in the spirit of Sam Javarouh’s [daily dose of imagery] and Shahin Edalati’s foto, since.. well, since I started following those photoblogs. I figured that I had enough photos accumulated to post one each day in addition to shooting new ones.
Back in November of last year, I started doing Project 365, where each day I take a few photos and then post one to my Flickr set. It’s an interesting exercise, but can be demoralizing when you realize that it’s almost night time and you haven’t taken a single shot yet. The goals of this photoblog, however, are different: I simply want to post a daily quality photo, independent of when it was taken, and make the presentation somewhat better than what Flickr allows.
Getting the actual site built has taken a while, but it’s finally here: Vu. I called it that for a couple of reasons: it sounds like view and vu in French means seen. All the photos are hosted on Flickr, so you can always click through to the image page via the “on flickr” link. The design might evolve slightly, and I’ll add a couple of cool extra features, but I’m very happy that it’s up and running and that I can share some of my favorite photos.
I hope you enjoy it.

Hong Kong Photos

12 April 2007 » In Photography, Travel » 1 Comment

I recently returned from my first trip to Hong Kong. I’ve never been to that part of Asia before, so I wanted to check it out and also attend the Rugby Sevens tournament. My friend Chris organizes a group of folks every year for the Sevens trip and he’s been telling me it’s a lot of fun, so I decided to join this time.
Guess what? It was more than a lot of fun. It was fantastic. I spent half the time exploring Hong Kong and Kowloon and the other half at the Sevens watching the game, drinking beer and Pimm’s, and marveling at the dressed-up fans (it was basically Halloween meets sports). Wait was there another half there? Maybe, I don’t remember, because Chris is a dangerous person to party with and I was running on maybe 5 hours of sleep a night.
In any case, check out the photos and see if that kind of stuff appeals to you. If it does, book your ticket now.

New JPG Magazine Submission

31 January 2007 » In Photography » No Comments

I submitted a photo for JPG Magazine’s Entropy theme contest and would appreciate it if you would take a moment and vote for me by clicking on the image below.
Update: Fixed post to remove javascript that was not appearing correctly in RSS feeds.

Vote for me in JPG Magazine

16 November 2006 » In Photography » No Comments

I submitted three of my photos for JPG Magazine’s issue 8 contest, one for each theme that they have. If one of my photos wins, it’ll be published in the next issue among other winners. Please vote for me and help me win!

Photos from NYC

24 October 2006 » In Photography, Travel » No Comments

I was in New York this summer to give a talk at the NYPHP Conference and stayed an extra day to hang around and visit a couple of places that I have not seen before, such the re-opened MOMA. I shot some photos there and some on the streets around Washington Square Park. The results are on Flickr.

Photos from St. Petersburg

03 October 2006 » In Photography, Travel » 1 Comment

Finally, I have finished processing and uploading the photos from my trip to St. Petersburg, back in May. Apologies to those who have been waiting for them.