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Not Moving

28 June 2004 » In Travel » 8 Comments

I decided that moving right now would be too much of a hassle and will stay in the current place for another year.
A couple of weeks ago I was on a business trip to London. While there, some people from work, Mari and I went to have a few pints of beer in various pubs. I have to say that I admire British pub culture in general, and so my experiences in those establishments were very pleasant.
The pubs in Britain seem to be much more of communal places that the bars here in US. They may vary from small unassuming pubs where people go to after work to ornate and expansive Pubs that are frequented by fast living crowds. But in all cases, you feel like there is a sense of, oh, I don’t know, camaraderie? And even before I read Passport to Pub I noticed that people there follow “rules”. What do I mean by that? Things like going up to the bar to order your beer, follow the queue, treat bartender as an equal, etc. The Social Issues Research Institute of Oxford conducted a study of the pub habits, behaviors, and etiquette and this is the result. By all means, click on the link above, it is a very entertaining read.
Can’t wait to go to London again.