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30 July 2009 » In Me » 9 Comments

What happened to
For a very long time, I’ve been downplaying my last name, deeming it too hard to pronounce or type for the majority of people out there. Well, no more. I am bringing it back and using it as part of my online identity. has served me well over the past 10 years, but from now on, my main domain will be All the links to the old domain will silently redirect to the new one, so nothing should be broken. If you see that it is, please let me know.

pecl/memcached turns 1

07 July 2009 » In PHP » 8 Comments

This morning I released the first stable version (1.0.0) of the PHP memcached extension that I started soon after joining Digg. It’s been stable for a while actually, but some people were hesitant to use it in production while it still had the beta designation. Well, no more, go forth and use it.
As the underlying libmemcached library evolves, I plan to keep adding and exposing more features in the extension. Up next are probably memcached_dump() and server auto-ejection support.