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Conférence PHP Québec talks

16 March 2007 » In PHP, Talks » 1 Comment

Just finished giving my second talk, VIM for (PHP) Programmers, at the PHP Québec conference. The first one was the usual Unicoding with PHP 6 one, and this is next to last time I’ve given it (php|tek in Chicago will be the last one). Both are available on the Talks page. I also updated the VIM resource files which I encourage you to download.
Unfortunately, I did not beat Rasmus’s talk this time, so clearly there is room for improvement. interview

05 March 2007 » In PHP » 1 Comment published an article based on the interview that Bruce Byfield did with me at the Vancouver PHP Conference. It’s a pretty good overview of the Unicode effort in PHP 6, albeit with a couple of minor inaccuracies.

Vim talk claims top spot

02 March 2007 » In Talks » 2 Comments

I just received the evaluations for my talks from the Vancouver PHP Conference, and, surprisingly, the new VIM for (PHP) Programmers talk got the top overall rating, even beating Rasmus’s keynote. 🙂 I guess VIM is a lot more popular than I expected. The next time I am giving it is at the PHP Québec Conference, so I am planning to invest some time into making it even better.