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GeekSessions Talk and Slides

19 January 2008 » In PHP, Talks » 3 Comments

This past Tuesday I was a co-presenter at GeekSessions, an event that brings together speakers on a particular topic and the audience interested in it, or, as their site says, “a place with smart people and free beer.” This Geeksessions event was, of course, centered on PHP and the other speakers were Cal Henderson of Flickr, Lucas Nealan of Facebook, and Sara Golemon of Yahoo!. We each had 15 minutes, but everyone had excellent talks given the time constraints.
Thanks to Cindy and Shon Burton and Christian Perry for inviting me and for organizing the event, and to Terry Chay, for being the MC.
The slides from my 15 minute talk, all 40+ of them are on the Talks page.

New Year, New Photos

05 January 2008 » In Photography » 3 Comments

I’ve just uploaded some photos taken over the New Year’s eve period. One album is from a pre-party at my friends’ place, and the other from the awesome Sea of Dreams event at the SF Concourse center. I had a lot of fun shooting both events, and a lot of it was due to my new camera acquisition – Nikon D3 – with its absolutely amazing performance in low-light situations.
I’ll have more to say on D3 in another post, but for now, check out the photos. A selection of Sea of Dreams ones can also be seen on Flickr, or even better – on Flickriver.