Web 2.0 Law #1

» 11 May 2007 » In Tech »

Now that Yahoo! Photos is closing down, Flickr is going to experience another surge in membership. It is already the most popular photo sharing service that matters (forget about Photobucket and such), and it has an unparalleled API. So with that in mind here’s the first of Andrei’s Web 2.0 Laws.

Law #1: As the number of mashups increases, the probability of a new mashup not using Flickr approaches 0.

Proof, what proof? This is not math or physics here, this is Web 2.0. But do go and take a look for yourself; Flickr infiltration is everywhere. And if you find a mashup that doesn’t use Flickr API, then there are only two explanations: a) the authors have thought or are thinking about using Flickr in one way or another; b) they are Amish.
I, for one, welcome our new megapixel overlords.

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