Wardrobe Malfunction

» 01 February 2004 » In Opinion »

I do not follow regular sports throughout the season but I do make an effort to watch the SuperBowl, mostly for the commercials. This 38th installment was suprisingly good and ended with Patriots winning in the same way as they did their first one – by a last-minute field goal.
I wish I could have watched the Lingerie Bowl during halftime; alas, no sputnik TV means no lingerie models playing tackle football. But the MTV-produced regular halftime show had perhaps more nudity after all. Janet Jackson got exposed thanks to Justin Timberlake (finally he’s good for something). I don’t see what the big deal is, but this should give FCC chairman Michael “My Daddy Is Secretary of State” Powell a hefty stick to beat down on the already puritanical broadcasting industry.
And so, was Janet’s bosom the “mystery performer” then? And we’ll probably never learn whether the “accident” was in fact approved by CBS.

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