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21st century President

01 October 2003 » In Opinion » 5 Comments

With a swift move, presidential hopeful Wesley Clark secured support of the entire population of Sci Fi fans (all 50,000 of them I guess). I can only ask the higher powers that be to guide him to victory – unless a much better candidate emerges – because having Clark in the office will ensure a high-tech boom that will make the Internet one pale in comparison. Nanotechnology, faster-than-light travel, space elevators, high-energy physics, antigravity, and a cure for common cold. We’ll be living on the Moon and flying in our jetmobiles to work! Maybe we’ll even get.. khm-khm.. cold fusion brewing. Plus, Clark just seems entertaining. A quality that is sadly lacking in present day politics. Go Wesley!
P.S. Tune up your sarcasm filters if having trouble with the above paragraph.