No more Basic Quality

» 13 October 2003 » In Me »

Over the weekend – in between helping Rasmus move to a new house and going on a kayaking trip – I upgraded my TiVo Series2 to have more recording capacity. Drive A is now a 160 GB Samsung and Drive B is the original WD 40 GB one. The process was fairly painless (at least for TiVo itself, since I managed to cut myself on sharp edges of the box twice), if a tad long – I wanted to preserve the recordings which involved mirroring the drive.
Still there were a couple of close calls: at one point I thought that mfsadd has corrupted the partitions, and the other one was getting a Green Screen of Death after assembling everything and turning it on. But now I have 195 hours of storage at Basic Quality level.. wait! no more Basic Quality! From now on, all the shows I record will be in High or Best quality, show content notwithstanding.

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