PHP Con Wrap-up

» 29 April 2003 » In PHP, Travel »

Getting to New York for PHP Con was easy, getting back though was miserable. I had to drive from New Haven to Boston in a dreary, disgusting, all-obscuring rain that continued all day. Probably one of the worst drives of my life. But the conference itself proved to be good.
Some recommendations for places I visited this time:

  • Gallagher’s – a very good steakhouse
  • 53rd Street Cigar Bar – located in the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers
  • Le Souk/Harem – Middle Eastern-themed lounge, complete with belly dancers and hookahs

Bizarre person of the month: a long-haired blond man wearing nothing but tight underwear and cowboy boots and hat, all white, strumming the guitar in the middle of Times Square and singing “I’m a little blonde girl…”

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