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OSCON 2008 Slides Available

26 July 2008 » In PHP, Talks » No Comments

Another year, another great OSCON event. The slides for my intl me this, intl me that talk are now available online via Talks page.

GeekSessions Talk and Slides

19 January 2008 » In PHP, Talks » 3 Comments

This past Tuesday I was a co-presenter at GeekSessions, an event that brings together speakers on a particular topic and the audience interested in it, or, as their site says, “a place with smart people and free beer.” This Geeksessions event was, of course, centered on PHP and the other speakers were Cal Henderson of Flickr, Lucas Nealan of Facebook, and Sara Golemon of Yahoo!. We each had 15 minutes, but everyone had excellent talks given the time constraints.
Thanks to Cindy and Shon Burton and Christian Perry for inviting me and for organizing the event, and to Terry Chay, for being the MC.
The slides from my 15 minute talk, all 40+ of them are on the Talks page.

php|works Atlanta Slides

15 September 2007 » In PHP, Talks » No Comments

I am back from Atlanta. This was a pretty good conference and also my first visit to that area. There were some very interesting talks, and the closing keynote was supremely funny and inventive – great job, Sean (and Marco). A few of us ventured into the city in the evening and had the best LHB event so far.
Slides for my keynote and VIM presentation are available on the Talks page.

php|works Atlanta

11 September 2007 » In PHP, Talks » 4 Comments

Ed Finkler, or funkatron, as he prefers to be known (although I’ll have to investigate this claim of “tron”ing the “funk”), put up a Guide to php|works Atlanta. He has good judgement to highlight both of my talks (your pick of a beer at the conference, Ed). Apparently, Matt Mullenweg won’t like whatever it is I have to say in my keynote, which means I can make whatever extravagant claims I want. And yes, “Vim for (PHP) Programers” should be very nerdy, yet very, very hot. Oh yes. Work it, baby. I’m almost positive someone will go into the Insert mode during the talk.
Off to Atlanta tomorrow. I hear that the ratio of single, attractive, funny and intelligent women to, well, men over there is about 9:1. ‘Nuff said.

Conference Update

13 August 2007 » In Talks » 4 Comments

It looks like the rest of the year will be pretty busy with conferences. First up is php|works in Atlanta, coming up in September, where I will be giving the opening keynote as well as the popular VIM for (PHP) Programmers talk. The week after that, I was invited to present at the TYPO3 conference in Karlsruhe Germany. In October, I will give the Internationalization with PHP 6 talk at ZendCon, which, thankfully, is only about 15 miles away, and finally, at the end of November, I’ll present the same talk to the audience at the AFUP Forum in Paris. Somehow, I think I’ll be ready for a vacation in December..

OSCON 2007 Slides

26 July 2007 » In Talks » 1 Comment

The slides from my VIM for (PHP) Programmers talk that I gave at OSCON 2007 are now up in the Talks section.

Conférence PHP Québec talks

16 March 2007 » In PHP, Talks » 1 Comment

Just finished giving my second talk, VIM for (PHP) Programmers, at the PHP Québec conference. The first one was the usual Unicoding with PHP 6 one, and this is next to last time I’ve given it (php|tek in Chicago will be the last one). Both are available on the Talks page. I also updated the VIM resource files which I encourage you to download.
Unfortunately, I did not beat Rasmus’s talk this time, so clearly there is room for improvement.

Vim talk claims top spot

02 March 2007 » In Talks » 2 Comments

I just received the evaluations for my talks from the Vancouver PHP Conference, and, surprisingly, the new VIM for (PHP) Programmers talk got the top overall rating, even beating Rasmus’s keynote. 🙂 I guess VIM is a lot more popular than I expected. The next time I am giving it is at the PHP Québec Conference, so I am planning to invest some time into making it even better.

"VIM for (PHP) Programmers" slides and resources

16 February 2007 » In Talks » 13 Comments

By popular demand, I have uploaded the slides and the VIM script files from my VIM for (PHP) Programmers talk in Vancouver. You can find them on the Talks page.
This was the inaugural presentation of the talk, so I beg forgiveness for the rough edges and any inadvertent mistakes (of which there should be none, I hope).
It was nice to see that the talk was well attended and received. With any luck, it might become a semi-regular one on the PHP conference circuit. Happy VIM’ing.

Unicode slides from Vancouver PHP Conf

15 February 2007 » In PHP, Talks » 1 Comment

The slides from my Unicoding with PHP 6 talk are now available on the Talks page. VIM slides and resources will be coming up shortly.
I want to thank Shane Caraveo, Audrey Foo, Peter, and the rest of the organizers for the excellent, well-run conference. I really enjoyed the variety and quality of the talks.