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Futuristic Bikes

09 August 2005 » In Other » 3 Comments

If these are for real, I’ve gotta get me one (or two) of those.

UPDATE: I was kidding, of course.

Pasting Wrapped URLs

22 July 2005 » In Other, Tech » 6 Comments

Here’s another Mozilla/Firefox tip: if you copy a URL wrapped over multiple lines from somewhere and try to paste it into the address bar, you will end up only with the first line of it. To fix it, go to about:config and change editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines setting to 3 or add:

user_pref(“editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines”, 3);

to your user.js file. Now all the line breaks will be removed upon pasting.

Why I Couldn’t Tab to a Dropdown in Firefox

18 January 2005 » In Other » 2 Comments

I fill out forms on the Web. Sometimes lots of forms. When I shop, when I register somewhere, when I log into sites, in short, everywhere. Suffice it to say that I developed a close attachment with the Tab button on my keyboard for moving focus to the next element in the form. However, ever since installing Firefox 1.0 on my Powerbook I could not use the Tab key to move focus into anything other than the text fields. This was incredibly irritating. After doing some research I found an answer on a Firefox support form. Apparently accessibility.tabfocus entry in about:config user preferences page should be set to 3 instead of 1.

I changed the value and now I can Tab again with abandon. But let me ask, what dunce, excuse me, would ship Firefox with the Tability restricted to the text fields only? I can only shake my head and wonder.

MySQL ComCon Europe

08 September 2004 » In Other » 1 Comment

My friend Zak Greant (former MySQL Community Advocate) asked me to post this.

Recipe for MySQL ComCon Europe 2004

Take equal parts kick-ass MySQL community event and MySQL mission-critical business event. Add key MySQL community members and developers. Drop in three days in November (8th to 10th). Shake well. Serve ice cold at


23 March 2004 » In Other » 3 Comments

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, this site has been down for a few days. This has taught me not to keep my online representation on a public server donated by a company that is slowly imploding and has laid off most of its employees. But Rasmus has been gracious to offer me hosting on his server and I have taken him up on that. The DNS changes should be propagating as we speak and hopefully this will be the end of the interruptions.

Lucky Bastards

24 February 2004 » In Other » 2 Comments

Could I have spare set of kidneys, please?

Mmmm, cheese

13 January 2004 » In Other » 18 Comments

I want one of these for my birthday.

Deja Vu All Over Again

10 January 2004 » In Other » 2 Comments

So for those of you who haven’t heard, Queen Mary 2 ocean liner – “the world’s largest, longest, tallest, grandest Ocean Liner ever! ” – is ready for christening and its mayden voyage. That’s what they said about the Titanic about a hundred years ago…

Happy 2004!

31 December 2003 » In Other » 1 Comment

Happy 2004 New Year, everybody!

Erase, Rewind

02 December 2003 » In Other » 1 Comment

This must be the coolest clock I have seen anywhere online. Make sure you have Flash installed.

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