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Mental DNA

Hello and Happy New 2007 to everyone! I have just returned from a trip to Portland, Oregon, where I visited some friends and spent New Year’s Eve skiing at Mt. Hood’s Skibowl (it’s been a year since I first gave skiing a try). Some other highlights of the trip included good food and drinks at such places as Pix Patisserie, Brazil Grill, and Andina, a couple of loooong visits to Powell’s City of Books, and ringing in the new year at a huge house party that must have had around a hundred people.

Tomorrow, the work resumes. I feel bad about not getting the Unicode preview release of PHP 6 out before the end of the year, but there was one crucial piece still missing and having a release without it did not make sense. But rest assured, we are very, very close and I anticipate making the release in the next week or two once we have this piece integrated and all the details ironed out.

I must again confess how much I love Powell’s: it is truly a bibliophile’s dream. Its 1+ million new and used books are organized by the staff with care and evident love and one could get lost amidst its twelve foot high shelves for a whole day. I also had a chance to visit the Rare Books room and flip through the first edition of The Fellowship of the Rings ($1000) and an 1805 printing of a large format Latin dictionary ($1200 for 4 volume set). Too bad they didn’t have Newton’s Principia at the time.

I decided that I would buy only used books on this trip, to avoid carrying back something I can purchase new anywhere. What did I come away with after hours of browsing and a few cups of coffee? 12 books for a total cost of $101.19.

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  1. andrei
    03/01/2007 at 9:08 am Permalink

    Man, if you would’ve made it down to Central Oregon, I could’ve got you some tickets for Mt. Bachelor for a decent price (more so now in the off-season). But you are right about Powell’s — that store kicks all sorts of ass and I try to make it a point to visit when I’m in Portland.

  2. andrei
    Nathan Youngman
    03/01/2007 at 10:12 am Permalink

    I’ve never been to Portland, but I heard about Mt. Hood in a book I was reading last night (Blue Like Jazz). Powell’s sounds pretty nifty, and it sounds like you have your reading cut out for you for the next while. Which one to read first? Or will you tackle all twelve at once? 🙂 All the best with the Unicode integration, and happy reading!

  3. andrei
    03/01/2007 at 10:30 am Permalink

    Nathan, I’ve already started reading “Design of Everyday Things”.

  4. andrei
    03/01/2007 at 11:45 am Permalink

    Portland is the Awesome. We’re glad you enjoyed it.

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