Music Hunger Satisfied

» 28 May 2005 » In Hacks »

Well, I am happy to report that I resolved my problem of how to play YME music through my stereo. Norbert Mocsnik set me on the right track but he lamented that it was not a software-only solution. So how did I accomplish this?

  1. Install and configure ShoutCast Server on my Windows machine.
  2. Install WinAmp DSP ShoutCast plug-in.
  3. Open the mixer and select Wave under recording panel.
  4. Open WinAmp preferences, select the ShoutCast plug-in in the DSP section. A control panel will pop-up.
  5. Go to Input tab and select Souncard Input under Input Device. This means that instead of using WinAmp to play the audio, the plug-in will record the data being played through soundcard’s output and re-broadcast it.
  6. Configure Output and Encoder tabs per DSP plug-in’s docs, and connect to ShoutCast server.
  7. Start YME and hit play.
  8. Point the XboxMediaCenter at the ShoutCast stream.

Bingo. All that is required are a couple of pieces of software and a full-duplex soundcard capable of recording its own playback (basically, a loopback mechanism). While it’s a not a one-button solution, it works well enough and now I can enjoy my custom Yahoo! radio station in full glory of 5.1 audio.

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