Why I Couldn't Tab to a Dropdown in Firefox

» 18 January 2005 » In Other »

I fill out forms on the Web. Sometimes lots of forms. When I shop, when I register somewhere, when I log into sites, in short, everywhere. Suffice it to say that I developed a close attachment with the Tab button on my keyboard for moving focus to the next element in the form. However, ever since installing Firefox 1.0 on my Powerbook I could not use the Tab key to move focus into anything other than the text fields. This was incredibly irritating. After doing some research I found an answer on a Firefox support form. Apparently accessibility.tabfocus entry in about:config user preferences page should be set to 3 instead of 1.
I changed the value and now I can Tab again with abandon. But let me ask, what dunce, excuse me, would ship Firefox with the Tability restricted to the text fields only? I can only shake my head and wonder.

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