Shaky ground

» 22 December 2003 » In Bay Area, Work »

Last Friday I got moved into a new cube. I have one all to myself, finally! This morning while setting up the cube I felt the building shake gently – and being used to that from my days at FAST, where the trucks passing on route 128 regularly affected the foundational equanimity of the building – did not pay much attention to it. But, turns out it was a fairly significant earthquake in central California, near San Simeon, about 6.4 in magnitude. Wow, my first quake since moving here.

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  1. andrei
    23/12/2003 at 4:10 am Permalink

    Crazee Caleyfornia! At least you don’t get hurricanes.

  2. andrei
    23/12/2003 at 2:48 pm Permalink

    At least Californians are in good hands now with Arnold as Governator!

  3. andrei
    Patrick Delin
    25/12/2003 at 9:34 pm Permalink

    Just remember to stand in a doorway, it’s the safest place in the event of an earthquake.

    Unless of course the building collapses.

  4. andrei
    27/12/2003 at 1:12 pm Permalink

    Since when do you use words like “equanimity”?

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