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Last night I was in the mood to see an action flick. So it was between the latest Matrix installment and Kill Bill Volume 1. I am so glad I picked the latter.

“Kill Bill”, announced in the opening titles as “The 4th Film by Quentin Tarantino”, is a quintessential “revenge through martial arts” film that is all style and no substance. And that is what makes it good, along with a few other things. Tarantino manages to make us forget that the storyline is basically heroine going through the laundry list of her enemies and killing them one by one (or 88 at once in an extended scene). The movie can be easily dismissed by some as a gory, violent, purposeless imitation of the kung-fu flicks, but seen from another angle it is a beautiful homage to, and at the same time a parody of, the same genre. Tarantino has always been adept at blending black humour, action, unique characters, non-linear progression, and memorable dialogue, all spiced up by perfectly fitting soundtrack, and this effort is no exception. I was thrilled that “Lonely Shepherd” by James Last and Zamfir was picked as the movie’s theme and the melody works wonders there.

A good movie will have its scenes invading your mind for a long time after you see it. “Kill Bill” certainly does that for me. Now, I just need to wait for Volume 2.

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  1. andrei
    07/11/2003 at 6:00 pm Permalink

    Zamfir? The pan-flutist?

  2. andrei
    07/11/2003 at 7:09 pm Permalink

    Apparently, the same one. I always thought it was just James Last’s composition, but I guess I was wrong.

  3. andrei
    Ryan Norris
    08/11/2003 at 12:58 am Permalink

    A fine film it was, just (pardon the pun) grossly entertaining. Hardly seemed two hours had gone by when it was over. In fact, I saw “Mystic River” only a few days later and found it far inferior to “Kill Bill” on many levels. “Mystic” just seemed uninspired and lost at times, like the director was trying to make about 20 different points, and ended up not making any of them. A big dissapointment. While I don’t typically pay to see the same film twice, I may have to with “Bill.”

  4. andrei
    08/11/2003 at 4:58 am Permalink

    Ryan, I truly hope you are not being sarcastic here. 🙂

  5. andrei
    08/11/2003 at 12:36 pm Permalink

    The wacked out politics of Tim Robbins and Sean Penn have completely ruined my ability to enjoy any of their work.

  6. andrei
    10/11/2003 at 12:06 pm Permalink

    What about Quentin’s last movie Jackie Brown – was that worth seeing (I never did)?

  7. andrei
    10/11/2003 at 12:18 pm Permalink

    Haven’t seen it myself yet, but it’s on my Netflix list now.

  8. andrei
    Ryan Norris
    10/11/2003 at 4:31 pm Permalink

    Sarcasm? Hrm, nope. I sincerely thought that “Mystic River” was the most dissapointing film I’ve seen in a long time, while “Kill Bill” definitely lived up to it’s billing. I sometimes think that movies end up leaving a better impression when they don’t have a lot of critical fanfare that is often premature. Over the summer, I decided I’d light $10 on fire and see “T3: Rise of the Machines,” and when I came out of the theatre I felt as though it was money well spent, even though it’s not something you’d consider Oscar-worthy. I knew what I was getting into, and it entertained.

  9. andrei
    11/11/2003 at 5:18 am Permalink

    Was I the only one in the world to get bored after the 43rd fight sequence? And why do peopel think this movie was violent? It was violent in an Itchy & Scratchy way… not the good, wholesome reali life sort of way. Two thumbs down… I want my 80 kroner back!

  10. andrei
    13/11/2003 at 9:50 pm Permalink

    Well, I am glad to hear you enjoyed it. I get a bit sqeamish with violent films, but if it is good, stomaching is no problem. I’m just worried that I will fee dissatisfied without a conclusion at the end. Wonder if I’d enjoy it just as well on DVD?

  11. andrei
    25/11/2003 at 1:15 am Permalink

    Where’s the review for Jackie Brown already????

  12. andrei
    03/12/2003 at 12:33 am Permalink

    Kill Bill is the coolest flick I’ve seen in a long time. Uma vs The Crazy 88 fight scene is the best part. I hope to see yet more action (by action I mean blood) on Feb. 10 when Kill Bill vol. 2 gets to theatres.

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