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On Friday night I decided to install iTunes for Windows and see what all the hoopla is about. iTunes cried bloody murder that I was not running the latest Windows 2000 and demanded SP4 to be installed right away. Okay, I thought, no problem. Click Start / Windows Update… / SP4, wait, reboot, login.

Result: my internet connection is slower than what I had in 1992 with the 2400 baud modem. What the hell? After a bit of searching it is apparent that SP4 exhibits some “issues” on certain machines. I de- and re-installed the network adapter driver, rebooted a couple of times to be sure, but I might just as well have tried to move the moon with the power of my mind, for all the good it did. Next step is messing with MTU settings, I guess.

Any hints?

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  1. andrei
    Jeremy Zawodny
    20/10/2003 at 9:20 pm Permalink

    Install Linux? 🙂

  2. andrei
    20/10/2003 at 9:30 pm Permalink

    On my desktop machine? Not until I can play videos, process photos, run Reason or Sonic, and do other multimedia stuff in general with the same relative ease I do it in Windows.

  3. andrei
    Helpful Dave
    21/10/2003 at 12:27 am Permalink

    Trying recompiling your kernel.

  4. andrei
    21/10/2003 at 9:14 am Permalink

    Get a mac. You know you want to, Andrei! Come on over to our side… 😉

  5. andrei
    21/10/2003 at 2:58 pm Permalink

    Have you tried using Wine to run Reason? Just curious.

    For sample editing on Linux, Rezound is pretty cool.

    As for playing videos – mplayer works fine for me. Processing photos? gphoto2 supports 400 cameras.

    C’mon Andrei – come over to the penguin! We’ll help you kick your Windoze habit.

  6. andrei
    21/10/2003 at 5:03 pm Permalink has a thread on this topic. See Apparently there is a fix, though, I didn’t wade through the forums to locate what it was.

  7. andrei
    22/10/2003 at 12:56 pm Permalink

    Oh, I don’t really need to be convinced of the goodness of penguin. I use it on my laptop daily. But I don’t want to mess with a multitude of mplayer command options just to make subtitles in another language appear on the screen. And by ‘processing photos’ I meant Photoshop-like processing, touch-up work, etc. Yes, Gimp is there, but Gimp hardly has the depth and polish of a professional tool like Photoshop.

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