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Apparently Google has recently added a couple of features to its search box. Namely, calculator and units conversion. When I noticed that I thought, “Damn, where did I see that before? That’s right, on” As far as I know, back in April or May, when I added these features to AlltheWeb, it was the first search engine to have those. Of course Google picked up the idea and made some things better, but for what it’s worth, we were first. 🙂

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  1. andrei
    Michael Fagan
    20/08/2003 at 10:38 pm Permalink

    And I had a calculator tool on my search box around September 2001 🙂 but I removed it a few months ago.

    Yes AlltheWeb was first. I won’t accuse you of stealing from Google if you borrow some of their calc ideas in return 😉

    On Webmaster World, it was pointed out that does a lot more even than Google’s does. Why not add currency conversion, time zones, etc. before Google?

  2. andrei
    Michael Fagan
    21/08/2003 at 2:41 am Permalink

    Ah, ignore most of that :-). I forgot you weren’t working there any more.

  3. andrei
    Mike WIlken
    12/09/2003 at 8:10 am Permalink

    Damn straight alltheweb was first. It was also first with news search and image search. If only someone would have invested the $$$ into it a few years ago…..

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