Clueless job ads

» 13 June 2003 » In Rants »

This must be the most ridiculous job posting I have ever seen. So let’s see, the potential candidate needs to know Cisco equipment by heart, handle firewall software from several different vendors, be an accomplished network engineers, administrate Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and Sybase, support Windows and Linux servers, write programs in PHP, Perl, Python, HTML, SQL, and JavaScript, and create graphics in Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator to boot. All for a $50k salary. Good luck. They’ll still be looking when the Halley’s comet comes around next time.
I’ve seen a variation of this kind of silly ad, where the requirements are something like this: 10 years of Java, 7 years of .NET and C#, ability to eat UML for breakfast, and write compilers for dinner. No wonder there is a perception that the job market is incredibly tight. I don’t think that’s necessarily true; it’s just that both sides need to have more realistic expectations.

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