I’m Andrei Zmievski, a web developer and founding member of Analog, living and working in San Francisco. Along with my Analog colleagues, I work on things like Mapalong and Brooklyn Beta. Prior to forming Analog, I was the Open Source Fellow at Digg and a platform engineer at Yahoo.

For the past decade, I’ve been a core developer of PHP and member of the PHP Group, helping curate development of the world’s most popular web platform. Along the way, I started the PHP-GTK and Smarty projects, co-wrote PHP Developer’s Cookbook, and architected the upcoming Unicode and internationalization support in PHP.

I’m a regular speaker at leading conferences like the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, ApacheCon, ZendCon, and other leading web events around the world. To balance my technical work, I might attempt a half marathon in 2011. I love good beer, brew some of my own, and if you ever want to try a craft beer yourself, I can heartily recommend Russian River Pliny the Elder Imperial IPA.


My main address is If you would like to contact me securely, my PGP/GPG key can be found here and on all the major keyservers. The key ID is 0xBA169A88 and the fingerprint is:
Key fingerprint = 516A 7C97 398B DF65 DE84 C3B2 D282 6C74 BA16 9A88
You can also find me on these services:


Please see my Resume for all relevant professional information.

Last Name

My last name is pronounced just as it is written, with no silent letters. The phonetic transcription is ZMEE-YEV-SKI, or in IPA version, [zmi'jevskɪ].



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